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Client Success Story

Industry: Hospitality
Department: Loans Services Department



Increase in current accounts


Increase in value of portfolio 100%


Decrease in 1-45 days delinquency from 12.10% to 3.06%

*The results above show a substantial increase in current accounts and a decrease in delinquent accounts, which can be managed before they become extremely delinquent by keeping the portfolio in good shape, generating a continued cash flow for our client. Since we are considered reliable and consistent, the client assigned & doubled the value of the portfolio after the six months reflected.


Prior to Trinity Resort Services (TRS), our client used multiple systems to service their loan accounts. This form of managing accounts disrupted the informational flow across other departments. To resolve this challenge, our client strategically hired TRS to improve the way loans were managed & operated. To improve communication and overall financial processes, TRS developed a web service that gathers live information and transfers the data across many different systems our client uses, instantly.

Prior to hiring TRS, only 72% of our client’s accounts were current in their loan payments.

After TRS began managing the loan accounts, our client was able to achieve the following results:


  • Trinity created tailored collection protocols with information gathered from Resort, analyzing demographics.
  • Within six-months of TRS taking over the loan portfolio management, accounts that were current increased from 72% to 92%
  • Despite COVID-19, the portfolio performance improved, and members were offered amnesty options to continue with their loan payments.
  • Business relationships between the client and members were reinforced due to consolidation of systems and efficient communication.
  • TRS became specialists in our client’s products and services, which resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Through customer service, frequent follow-ups, and finding solutions to any challenges that came up, TRS ensured our clients and members needs were met.
  • By conducting ongoing training, having effective training resources, and communicating with different departments, TRS ensured a high level of service was maintained.


  • High Level of Service
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Healthy Portfolio
  • Increase in Portfolio
  • Real time Financial Reporting

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