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Open Communication and Collaboration Drives Top-Notch Results

Open Communication and Collaboration Drives Top-Notch Results

By Maribel Jimenez, Vice President/Operations

As the Vice President of Operations  of Trinity Resort Services (TRS), I am thrilled to share our perspective on the transformative experience we have had in managing loans performance. At TRS, our philosophy revolves around client satisfaction, and we take immense pride in our well-structured method for handling troubled portfolios. Our ultimate goal is to convert delinquent portfolios into healthy ones, ensuring our clients’ success and financial stability.

Recently, we had a valuable opportunity to delve deeper into complex loans administration. Leveraging our vast expertise and knowledge, we faced the challenge of delinquency head-on and succeeded in moving it from a negative result  into a consistent source of monthly revenue. This achievement reflects the dedication and commitment of our exceptional professional team, each fulfilling their unique roles to energize the entire process.

Throughout the journey, we’ve witnessed impressive results unfold in just five months after the transition. Our relentless efforts, coupled with a deep understanding of all sizes of businesses, allow us to personalize our approach for each client. By thoroughly studying and learning from our clients, we identify opportunities for improvement and enhancement within their processes.

At TRS, we differentiate ourselves by being more than just a supplier; we consider ourselves an extension of the services offered by the resorts we work with. This approach fosters a profound sense of partnership, encouraging open communication and collaboration to achieve shared objectives.

With my more than two decades of experience in customer service and loans and maintenance fee collections, I can attest to the significance of client-centricity in any successful business. It is this philosophy that drives our team’s passion for continuous improvement and pushes us to deliver top-notch results consistently.

Below is a sample of the cases with their respective performance metrics over the course of five months after transition:

Loans collections performance – Current accounts

























In conclusion, TRS has been on an exceptional journey of transforming delinquent portfolios into thriving assets for our clients. Our commitment to their satisfaction, combined with a profound understanding of their unique needs, has empowered us to excel in the realm of complex loans administration. In my role as Operations leader, I am honored to work with a  a team that embraces challenges, empowers change, and drives tangible and impressive outcomes for our clients. At TRS, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We strive to stay ahead of industry trends and technological advancements, at all times seeking ways to enhance our services and deliver even greater value to our clients. With the “People-Process-Systems” as the foundation of our approach, we are poised to lead the industry and make a positive impact for years to come.

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