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Sales Performance


Increase in room revenue per night
0 %
Increase in pre-arrival services revenue
0 %
Increase in reservations revenue
0 %

*Results above show an increase in revenue by comparing data from 2018 to 2021.


  • Trinity’s client experienced difficulties in communications between the resorts and their customers. There was a disconnect in the services provided after an initial reservation was booked and prior to the customer’s arrival to the resort. The lack of follow through with each customer created an unremarkable customer experience that did not stand out from its competitors.
  • Their customer service staff regarded outbound calling to customers with pending reservations as a disturbance to them, rather than enhancing the customer experience by ensuring their needs were met prior to their arrival to the resort.
  • They needed help producing fresh, new, and unique ways to sell their pre-arrival services and to encourage members to continue returning to their resort, even during a pandemic.


  • We analyzed the products the resort offered, making the prices competitive and demonstrated which products would increase room occupation to maximize revenue. We then followed through with each customer to provide services tailored to each customers’ needs: Demonstrating our hands-on commitment.
  • Trinity created outbound phone call campaigns and sent promotional emails to make sure no customer was neglected prior to arriving at the resort.
  • By taking a proactive approach to customer service, Trinity ensured all customers’ needs were met. Our client was able to maximize profits while maintaining a high and unmatched level of customer experience.
  • Trinity simplified the administrative processes that produces and tracks the sales through reporting and automated services. We created internal tools to create faster reports, accuracy in sales, and a streamlined, efficient overall process. This made certain there was no gap in communication from our transactions to the implementation of the services at the resort.


  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue
  • Simplified processes
  • Increase in productivity

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