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Why Work for Trinity Resort Services


Trinity Resort Services Knows What Makes an Exceptional Team

At Trinity Resort Services we customize our service to meet the needs and requests of each client.  Not every person is the same or has the same needs. We believe each client is unique in their own way and we listen to what our clients tell us and fulfill those needs to the best of our abilities.

Our Trinity Core Values contribute to making our Team so special. We know from experience what contributes to great team work…great people who have great values.

Trinity Services 7 Core Values:

Be Open Minded

Often people are hesitant about new ideas and opinions that are different from their own. Not so with our team. We are always willing to consider the ideas and opinions of others that are new and different. Our management team and team members learn more about our clients’ needs by listening to their ideas and opinions. Good listening skills enhance creativity by stretching our abilities. By listening with an open mind, we grow and achieve better results.

Be Love

Love is often defined as an “intense feeling of deep affection.”  For us it means we take good care of our clients.  We treat them with respect, develop a deep understanding of their needs, and consistently follow through on our promises.

Be of Service

Our approach to meeting the needs of our clients includes always being available to assist them. No long waits on the phone, or back and forth messages, but quick, straight-forward answers to their questions and needs. We pledge to listen deeply, act with passion, and find services and tech-based solutions that deliver consistent results though a true partnership.

Be Committed

Our team members are committed to our clients, to their team and our company. A promise is a promise, and when we commit to a firm decision, we keep it. We don’t promise anything we can’t deliver. It applies to all our clients as well as our team members.

Be Honest

We stress the importance of honesty in our daily interactions. Our team promises that we will be honest in our interactions with you. Everything we promise is free of deceit and untruthfulness. We pledge to be sincere with you. We don’t fool around. We will do our absolute best to meet your needs and will let you know if they are not possible.

Be Purpose Driven

A purpose-driven company stands for and acts on something bigger than its products or services. Our philosophy focuses on People, Processes and Systems. These three pillars are the core of who we are and how we deliver peace of mind to our clients. We provide a comprehensive range of world-class services to the vacation ownership industry, including financial,  reservations and contact  center services. Our SaaS platform includes enhanced modules for service, a website for members, pre-arrival services, payment integration, and customer service.

Be a Family

As anyone in business knows, it’s not always easy to support one another’s colleagues. We may not always agree, but we always support our team members and our clients ideas and suggestions. We do it consistently, even if it is not easy. Only by loving and supporting one another does excellent service happen.

Work With Us

When you work with us, you can be assured of a true partnership. We pledge to listen deeply, act with passion, and find services and tech-based solutions that deliver consistent results.

We understand the complexity of the vacation ownership/timeshare industry and all the ins and outs.  Our multi-lingual team has 70 years’ experience providing world-class services to all our clients especially in the Caribbean and Mexico. No problem is too big or small. Our goal is to solve them all.


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