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Best place to work? You better believe it! Trinity Resort Services

When I saw a notice in The Resort Trades for article submissions for Best Place to Work, I immediately thought of my client Trinity Resort Services  (TRS)  which has offices in Las Vegas and in Mexico City. There are countless ways they qualify as “Best.”  If there were a good mood barometer Trinity would register at the top.  And with good reason.

Trinity Resort Services 1 year
Trinity Resort Services 1 year

Trinity’s strength rests in its Core Values:

  • Be Open Minded
  • Be Committed
  • Be Honest
  • Be Love
  • Be of Service
  • Be Purpose Drive
  • Be a Family

Led by CEO Odilia Guiant and a team of experienced and innovative executives committed to team building, employee success and positivity, the company was founded in 2018.  The servicing company provides a wide range of world class services to the Vacation Ownership industry, including financial, reservations and contact center services.

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Their list of employee benefits are designed to both retain and attract potential employees.  But more than that, the benefits package (which differs in the U.S. and Mexico) offers employees security, training and development and time to grow in their career.

The company’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement is exemplified in their Paid Time Off (PTO) program for philanthropic activities.

In its Las Vegas home office, you’ll find so many of the contact center and administrative office team members enthusiastically involved with  various charities of their choice. Any employee may pitch to support a non-profit organization which provides vital support to individuals and communities in need.  When approved, team members can use their PTO for philanthropic reasons.

CEO Odilia Guiant and Sharon Wilson, RRP of Resort Trades
CEO Odilia Guiant and Sharon Wilson, RRP of Resort Trades

Current Philanthropic organizations benefitting from the PTO program are Make-A-Wish Foundation Southern Nevada, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Wounded Warrior Project, The Animal Foundation and Those Left Behind Foundation. The list is growing as team members are continually nominating their charities of choice to be included in this  PTO option.

PTO for employees also  is a standard benefit that provides employees with paid time off for personal or health reasons. The employer match on the 401K plan is a valuable retirement benefit that can help employees build a comfortable nest egg for their future.

Additionally, Trinity offers medical insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance as standard benefits that can significantly reduce out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for employees and their families.

TRS clearly puts their employees first.

The life insurance benefit, along with the option to buy-up additional coverage, is an essential benefit that provides financial security for employees and their loved ones. The accident insurance and voluntary short-term disability benefits can help employees cover unforeseen expenses in the event of an injury or illness. The critical illness benefit can also provide employees with additional financial support for them or a  covered family member.

Although not included in the corporate handbook, the company also sponsors some continued education opportunities which is an excellent way for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge while staying up to date with industry trends. This benefit helps employees improve their job performance while enhancing their career growth opportunities.

Call Center Floor Working
Call Center Floor Working

A positive atmosphere and feeling appreciated are essential factors that can contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. The fact that the company has its employees’ career growth in mind is yet another excellent indication that Trinity Resort Services values its employees’ professional development and progression.

Alternative work schedules are becoming increasingly popular among employees, and Trinity Resort Services offers this benefit. There are even scientific indications that employees with more work-life balance and flexibility in their work schedules are happier and perform at consistently high levels.

Finally, having an office in Las Vegas can be a significant advantage for both the company and employees.  Las Vegas is a vibrant city that attracts tourists from around the world, making it an excellent location for a resort and timeshare services company.

So too is Mexico City which is in close proximity to many TRS clients in the country of Mexico.

Many TRS team members have the opportunity to visit Mexico and the Caribbean where the resorts they service, and support are predominantly located.

Employees of Trinity Resort Services are finding the company a great place to work. For instance, what one employee said just about sums it all up:  “The culture at Trinity Resort Services is amazing! A positive atmosphere, I feel appreciated, and they have my career growth in mind.”

Overall, Trinity Resort Services is a company that cares about its employees and is committed to social responsibility, making it qualify at the highest level as the best place to work.

About Trinity Resort Services

When you choose Trinity Resort Services, you are selecting an energetic team who understands the complexity of the vacation ownership/timeshare industry. In 2018, we opened our doors with a combined 70 years of experience in delivering world-class service, particularly in Mexico and the Caribbean. We are a multi-lingual, experienced team of customer service professionals who understand your business and ease your workload so you can concentrate on quality vacation experiences for your members. Our philosophy focuses on People, Processes, and Systems. These three pillars are the core of who we are and how we deliver Peace of Mind to our clients.

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