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Trinity Resort Services Delivers Peace of Mind with Koios Analytics

Trinity Resort Services, which provides a comprehensive range of world-class services to the vacation ownership industry, including financial, reservations, and contact center services, has unveiled its new proprietary Business Intelligence (BI) System.  Dubbed Koios Analytics after Koios, the Greek God of Intellect, a two-way platform with BI and manual data insertion capabilities.

It was recently announced by ARDA (American Resort Development Association) that the Trinity Resort Services IT team has been selected as one of the finalists in the non-developer Technology Team award category. The Award for the number one team will be announced at the Hilton Orlando on April 19 in conjunction with the timeshare industry’s largest convention called “Timesharing Together.”

Odilia Guiant, Trinity CEO
Odilia Guiant, Trinity CEO

According to Odilia Guiant, Trinity CEO,  “Our innovative team built a two-way BI because security is very important to our company and prior to this our team could not see all the information we needed to run efficiently and make informed decisions. This two-way BI allows the team to not only extract information from our platforms, but also to add information from other sources to Koios Analytics and link it to any other piece of information.  The team can now create internal and client specific KPI’s, automatically, into a single consolidated platform. As a servicing company, it’s important that our clients can see what’s happening with all stakeholders and components.”

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Koios Analytics is also a Quality Assurance tool. Any team member can listen to a call on Koios Analytics, grade the call, see if surveys were sent, and see all the agent’s Quality Assurance performance (call monitoring percentage, reservation accuracy, survey scores, total sales, etc.). On Koios Analytics, team members can see the full history of any call (inbound and outbound) and create any KPI tailor suited for client needs, similar to a CRM.

The system consolidates several reports into one database to see all calls (inbound and outbound), abandoned calls, and the difference of calls against the forecast. This dynamic platform also features a supervisor tracking system so that anyone with the specific permission level can see how many monthly reviews are still pending, how many Quality Assurance meetings are still required, and how many one-on-ones for the month have been completed. Koios Analytics also keeps track of scheduling. Trinity’s Property Management System (supported by SPI) is connected to Koios Analytics, and it therefore allows the capability for Quality Assurance to instantly communicate reservation errors to the agents. 

For more information about how Trinity Resort Services works with clients to give them peace of mind and a strong bottom line, go to, email or call 702-747-7011.

Trinity Resort Services

When you choose Trinity Resort Services, you are selecting an energetic team who understands the complexity of the vacation ownership/timeshare industry. In 2018, we opened our doors with a combined 70 years’ experience of delivering world-class service, particularly in Mexico and the Caribbean. We are a multi-lingual, experienced team of customer service professionals who understand your business and ease your work load so you can concentrate on quality vacation experiences for your members. Our philosophy focuses on People, Processes and Systems. These three pillars are the core of who we are and how we deliver Peace of Mind to our clients.

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