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Customer Priority

At Trinity– our Customers are our Priority

As a Trinity client, you can rest assured that even during uncertain times we are prepared to maintain our portfolio of services. We are more than aware of your members’ economic instability these days.  Our vertical protocols are designed to be resilient. Smoothing out payments, safety concerns, regulation of cash flow flexibility and collections are top of the list of all the services we provide. We don’t just nod our heads when we communicate with you, we really listen and act on our client requests. Our team always has your back.

Services you can expect from Trinity:

Smoothing out Payments

Smoothing out payments for our customers is a top priority for us. To achieve successful payment scheduling, our team looks ahead and aligns manual adjustments to member payments. We assure that no one is hit with any balloon payments at vulnerable times and that customers continue to make payments and enjoy their vacations as well. Our customers have peace of mind that all payment processing is managed whether it is via  lockbox, credit transactions, check and bank wires.

Technology and Security

In today’s connected world, there is often a preference to eliminate on-site server hardware with the goal of reducing initial investment and on-going maintenance costs. 

With our SPI on-premises deployment model, we manage the costs, maintenance, and security of the servers and data centers that the software applications are on installed on. This gives our clients peace of mind and allows resort personnel to access the software applications securely over a VPN connection.


Regulating Cash Flow

When you work with the Trinity team you can rest assured that we adhere to state, federal and international laws, and regulations. We can issue billing statements, collect payments, and maintain records of your payments and balances. We provide international bank solutions, accounting, and daily, weekly, and monthly reconciliation.

The ability to facilitate international lender and banking relationships, multi-currency merchant processing, and API Solutions is another part of our services open to our clients.

Flexibility and Collections

By outsourcing your back-office operations, you reduce your internal costs. When you use our back-office operations team such as medical benefits, liability insurance and the expense of resources such as computers, desk, and other hard costs can be eliminated. This can reduce your overall costs by as much as 25%. Added internal costs such as medical liability, computers, desks, and other hard costs add up, and by outsourcing these internal costs our clients save money. We handle cash management, payment processing, trust management and banking reconciliation.


Work With Us

When you work with us, you can be assured of a true partnership. We pledge to listen deeply, act with passion, and find services and tech-based solutions that deliver consistent results.

We understand the complexity of the vacation ownership/timeshare industry and all the ins and outs. Our multi-lingual team has 70 years’ experience providing world-class services to all our clients especially in the Caribbean and Mexico. No problem is too big or small. We solve them all.


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